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Upmarket Art Fair

The Upmarket Art Fair, centered in the heart of Perth, is an exclusive and vibrant showcase that serves to connect Western Australia's art creators with enthusiasts, collectors, interior designers, and decorators. Hosted within the grandeur of the University of Western Australia's Winthrop Hall, this event brings together over 60 of Perth's most talented artists, their works ranging from original masterpieces to limited edition prints, all valued at $100 and above.

The benefits of participating in this upscale art fair extend well beyond the pleasure of exhibiting one's work. As an artist, your participation provides you a unique platform to reach a wide and diverse audience, attracting individuals who are passionate about the arts and ready to invest in high-quality pieces. It enables you to engage with those who truly understand and appreciate the value of your art, giving you the chance to enhance your reach and grow your collector base.

But at the Upmarket Art Fair, we offer more than just a venue. Our stall fees cover a plethora of services tailor-made to augment your experience and success. The Fair's dedicated marketing team operates vigorously behind the scenes to ensure your art garners the attention it merits. Working in synergy with The PR Collaborative, a renowned Perth-based public relations firm, we aim to heighten your visibility, increase your influence and help you make a notable impact within the art community.

This extraordinary event is an excellent opportunity for artists to not only showcase their work but also to elevate their brand, network with fellow artists and enthusiasts, and ultimately, broaden the market for their creative practice. The Upmarket Art Fair is not just an exhibition; it's an experience — an investment into your artistic journey that promises substantial returns. You bring your passion and creativity; we provide the platform and tools to help you succeed. Together, we make the art world a richer place.

Retailer Inclusions
We strive to offer you a complete, worry-free retail experience so you can focus on what you do best - creating incredible art. Some of the inclusions our stallholder fee include:

Your stall space (space only)
Our staff
Marketing – promotion on our social media channels
Artist guide for the event
Signage at your space
Lanyard for yourself and anyone helping you out
Public relations
Wrapping services
Professional Development Opportunities
Partnerships with local arts businesses

There are optional extras you can also request at the time of your application.

Event Dates and Times

Upcoming Markets Market Date Market Time Application
Closing Date
2025 Upmarket Art Fair & VIP night (night before) 03-May-2025 10:00AM-3:00PM 30-Aug-2024 30-Aug-2024

Stallholder Information

Applicants should read the Terms and Conditions before applying for events. Note that Terms and Conditions change for different Market Series as required by the event host. Please click here to view the Terms and Conditions for Upmarket Art Fair.

Accepted Business Categories: Handmade, Designed, Services, Food/Beverage

Become A Stallholder

We use the MarketLife stallholder management system to receive all applications - you can find closing dates for applications for each event here.

If you have previously created a profile in this system you can simply log in to your existing profile to apply. If you have not used this system before you will need to create a profile for your business in order to apply.

If you would like our How To Guide on how to use the MarketLife system please click the button below.

Stall Pricing

Stall Type Size Price
2025 Art Fair Food or Coffee Outside 3m x 3m $410.00
2025 Art Fair Inside Small - no boards 2mw x 1md $475.00
2025 Art Fair Inside Medium - no boards 3mw x 1md $575.00
2025 Art Fair Inside Small - incl. boards 2mw x 1md $670.00
2025 Art Fair Inside Medium - incl. boards 3mw x 1md $825.00
2025 Art Fair Inside Large - no boards 3m x 3m $995.00
2025 Art Fair Inside Medium plus - inc. boards 3mw x 2m one end $1025.00
2025 Art Fair Inside Large - incl. boards = 8m 3m x 3m + 2x1m ends $1410.00

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