Our Community

Welcome to the vibrant and ever-growing MarketLife community! By becoming a stallholder in our network you are not just taking part of individual events, but joining a thriving community of passionate creators, artists, designers, foodies, and small business owners. Each event we are involved with is a unique celebration, bringing together diverse communities to engage with your offerings and each other.

Joining our community unlocks an array of benefits that go beyond the scope of the events themselves. We're known for creating an atmosphere of support and inclusivity that reflects in every interaction and at every event. Our dedicated team doesn't just operate behind the scenes. We are on the ground, fully engaged with you and our community to make sure each event is not just a success, but an enjoyable experience for you. Stallholders often comment on the positive vibes that permeate our markets and the service of our team.

We at MarketLife take great pride in the rich variety of events we manage. With a portfolio spanning Perth’s premier locations including idyllic settings such as the bustling, cosmopolitan atmosphere of Elizabeth Quay, Yagan Square, and the Perth Cultural Centre, to the heritage charm of Fremantle and the tranquil setting of the University of Western Australia, our events cater to an extensive range of tastes and styles.

Moreover, we pride ourselves on our stellar organisation and robust communication. Stallholders appreciate our proactive, considerate approach, which ensures seamless coordination and smooth event days. This means that you can focus on what you love—sharing your passion with the world—knowing that we've got everything else covered. There's a genuine sense of joy and camaraderie, creating an environment that's beneficial for businesses and uplifting for all.

Being part of our community means entering a realm where creativity, collaboration, and shared success are celebrated. At MarketLife, we're not just crafting markets, we're nurturing a lifestyle that values and supports the creativity of artisans and small businesses. Join us and experience the advantages of being part of a community that values creativity, collaboration, and shared success.

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