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Crafted Clay Market

Crafted Clay Market, a signature event by MarketLife, stands out in Perth as a unique marketplace dedicated to the enchantment of handmade clay creations. This event is more than just a market; it's a celebration of the finesse and artistry in the local ceramic community, offering a specialized and interactive experience for enthusiasts and shoppers.

Exclusive Focus on Clay Artistry: Distinguished from other markets, Crafted Clay Market is solely devoted to clay-based products, including pottery, sculptures, and ceramic crafts. This focused approach ensures an immersive experience for visitors, surrounded by the finest examples of ceramic art.

Celebration of Local Ceramic Talent: The market is a platform showcasing the extraordinary talent of Western Australia's ceramic artists. Each piece on display is not just an item for sale but a narrative of the creator's journey, skill, and passion.

Interactive Demonstrations and Workshops: Adding an educational and engaging dimension, Crafted Clay Market features live demonstrations and hands-on workshops led by seasoned potters and ceramic artists. These sessions offer visitors a chance to witness the magic of clay artistry firsthand and even try their hands at creating their own ceramic pieces.

Presence of Suppliers and Industry Experts: The market also hosts a selection of suppliers and industry experts, providing attendees with access to high-quality materials, tools, and insights. This aspect makes it a valuable destination for both budding and experienced ceramic enthusiasts looking to enhance their craft.

Biannual Event with Dynamic Showcases: Held biannually, the market presents a constantly evolving collection of ceramic art, ensuring that each visit offers something new and inspiring.

Varied and Inspiring Venues Across Perth: By rotating its locations within Perth, the market not only becomes more accessible but also offers a fresh backdrop and atmosphere with each edition, adding to the overall charm and appeal of the event.

Through its exclusive focus on clay creations, engaging activities like demonstrations and workshops, the inclusion of suppliers, and its commitment to showcasing local talent, Crafted Clay Market is a true embodiment of MarketLife's core values, fostering a sense of community, creativity, and passion in the local ceramic art scene.

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